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Kayleigh Hutchins, Editor, Data Centre Review

Introduction to Critical Insight from Kayleigh Hutchins, Editor for Data Centre Review.

Opening Keynote: How diverse is the digital infrastructure sector?

Adelle Desouza, Advisory Board Member, The Data Centre Alliance

An open question, a question that suggests that with some numerical data we will have an answer that makes us go back to our day jobs, our roles and responsibilities with confidence all is on the up. Diversifying our industry is not a numbers game, and more than that it is not tick boxing exercise it is a strategic step we need to take to ensure our industry survives and thrives in a global context.

This session will look to how buzzwords and social posts may be covering over the fact our industry is facing the symptoms of having high and insurmountable barriers to entry.

How Critical Infrastructure is evolving to drive more sustainable data centre design and operation.

Alex Brew, Regional Director Northern Europe, Vertiv

Alex will talk about some of the disruptive trends which are driving an evolution in our approach to the design and configuration of critical infrastructure, the innovative new products coming to market to support these needs, and how data centers are leveraging these technologies to support a more holistic, circular economy led approach such that better positions them to support local communities through more sustainable operational practices.

Colocation as the meeting place where AI comes together

Patrick Lastennet, Director Platform & Enterprise, Digital Realty

Patrick will discuss how colocation is evolving and what’s driving these changes. How has colocation adapted to maintain its relevance in the IT infrastructure landscape, and what role does connectivity play in the evolving nature of colocation services?

Using Scalable & Integrated Data Centre Solutions

Deepan Patel, Industry Manager- Infrastructure, Phoenix Contact

Deepan will present what makes Data Centers tick as well as some of the benefits that have helped in this dynamic industry- focusing on the new era of efficiency and sustainability. Deepan will also discuss how solutions from Phoenix Contact have helped the design and construction of Data Centers. The Company’s solutions sit on the globally recognised Building Management platform, the “Niagara Framework”.  

15-minute break

Design & Build Through a Developer's Lens

Herbert Radlinger, Managing Director, NDC-Garbe

Herbert will explore what is happening in data center design and construction and how the dawn of new technologies and methodologies could change the design and construction landscape. Is the industry ready to adopt these innovations and what is happening in the field?

Panel - Air Cooling Vs Liquid Cooling?

Matthew Evans, Global Director – Data Centre Solutions, Flakt Group
Andy Young, CTO, Asperitas
Moderator: John Booth, Consultant, Carbon3IT Ltd

Designing data centres in the era of AI disruption

Steven Carlini, VP Innovation and Data Center, Schneider Electric

Artificial Intelligence has brought about significant changes and challenges in data centre design and operation. As AI workloads continue to grow in prominence, from large training clusters to small edge inference servers, data centres are faced with unique demands that require adaptation in design and management. From optimising infrastructure to enhancing operational efficiency, this fireside chat session will delve into the strategies and best practices that enable organisations to unlock the full potential of AI within their data centres.

End of Day One