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Kayleigh Hutchins, Editor, Data Centre Review

Kayleigh Hutchins, Editor of Data Centre Review, introduces the final day of Critical Insight 2023.

Opening Keynote: Renewable energy: Opportunities, benefits and challenges for the data centre sector.

Jay Paidipati, Sustainability Program Management, Uptime Institute

During his keynote, Jay will explore what is driving renewable energy procurement in the data centre industry, including the key disclosure requirements mandated by the EED and CSRD. He will guide us through what companies are doing now, the challenges that the industry faces, such as increasing Guarantee of Origin prices, and how we can all capture the value of renewable energy.

Connectivity for data centres can reduce costs and speed up time-to-market

Andras Meszaros, Global Industry Segment Manager Power T&D, Datacenters, Harting

This session will introduce how connectivity is key to making data centre components plug and play, leading to faster installation times, scalable operations and to reduced failures on-site. It will explore how further reducing the footprint of interfaces on servers and power devices can enable higher power density to support AI applications, as well as the energy efficiency improvements connectors can offer.

Skills Shortage

Michael Halliday, Head of Employer Engagement for the Trust, ALET

The data centre industry is adopting a fresh approach to establishing early career skills pipelines. In this session, participants will discover how this is being put into practice through partnerships with university technical colleges in the Thames Valley, with a focus on value, scale, collaboration, and long-term planning. This session will give industry leaders insight into how to make an impact in education and increasing access to skills.

The Sustainable Datacentre – Practical Steps to Achieve Net Zero Targets which can be taken today

Louis McGarry, Sales & Marketing Director, Centiel

A practical approach to achieving sustainability within data centres in relation to uninterruptible power supplies.  Louis will explore approaches to peak shaving and Lithium-ion batteries and how UPS systems can be designed with a better future in mind.

15-minute break

Keeping it Simple - Breaking Down Cloud Misconfigurations

Josh Hankins, Chief Technical Security Officer, Qualys

Monitoring, alerting, immutable configurations are simple strategies that lead to security success. But why are we our own worst enemy? Join Josh in this session to dig in deeper on the following topics: 

  • The persistent issues of insecure configurations such as IAM, alerting, monitoring logging and encryption
  • Misconfigurations that are consistently exploited in the real world
  • The why AND how to addressing all of the above

Panel - Extreme heat, supply chain problems and an energy crisis; how will the data centre sector overcome current challenges and what does the path forward look like?

Torkild Follaug, Chief Sustainability Officer, Green Mountain
Dr. Thomas Verghese, Technical Manager, Enersys
Moderator: Mark Acton, Advisory Board Member, The Data Centre Alliance


End of Critical Insight